Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Architectural Pattern

Architectural Pattern

  • As the requirements model is developed, you’ll notice that the software must addressa number of broadproblems that span the entire application. 
  • For example, the requirements model for virtually every e-commerce application is faced with the following problem:
    • How do we offer a broad array of goods to a broad array of customers? 
    • Allow those customers to purchase our goods online?
  • The requirements model also defines a context in which this question must be answered. 
  • For example, an e-commerce business that sells golf equipment to consumers will operate in a different context than an e-commerce business that sells high-priced industrialequipment to medium and large corporations.
  • In addition, a set of limitations and constraints may affect the way in which you addressthe problem to be solved. 
  • Architectural patterns address an application-specific problem within a specific context and under a set of limitations and constraints. 
  • The pattern proposes an architectural solution that can serve as the basis for architectural design…

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