Friday, September 2, 2016

Requirements Engineering and Seven distinct tasks

  • ·         The broad spectrum of tasks and techniques that lead to an understanding of requirements is called requirements engineering.

  • ·         From a software process perspective, requirements engineering is a major software engineering action that begins during the communication activity and continues into the modeling activity.

  • ·         It must be adapted to the needs of the process, the project, the product, and the people doing the work.    

  • ·         Requirements engineering builds a bridge to design and construction.

  • ·         Requirements engineering provides the appropriate mechanism for understanding what the customer wants, analyzing need,  ssessing feasibility, negotiating a reasonable solution, specifying the solution unambiguously, validating the specification, and managing the requirements as they are transformed into an operational system.
  • ·         Seven distinct tasks
o   inception, elicitation, elaboration, negotiation, specification, validation, and management.

  • ·         Some tasks occurs in parallel.

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